Art  &  Illustration.  Oil   Painting.  Portraits.  Sketching.  Texturing.

Lindsey Wilgar

BA (HONS) Fine Art

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I am an oil based painter who’s practice is primarily concerned with aspects of the troubles in Belfast. This is something that in one way or another, affects the majority of people in Northern Ireland, whether it be trauma passed down subconsciously through generations or first hand trauma.


My grandfather, who lived through the troubles in Sandy Row said that “All anyone really got from the troubles was grief and pain”, “A lot of people crying and mourning”. In response to this, previously I created paintings of people mourning and appearing distant in thought. Colin Davidsons “silent testimony” heavily influenced these paintings also, with the idea of looking at the pain in the eyes of those affected by the troubles.



Recently my work has moved on from the more disappointing, miserable aspect and is now more concerned with what positives still remain, how people get on with their lives despite the past. By using more vibrant, perhaps clashing colours along with pastel shades in my paintings. I intend on shedding light on the innocence of the children on the streets of Belfast, how they still found time to play with their friends despite all the terrible events happening around them which they had no control over.





Award Winning Artist

'Winner of Street Monkey's Cool Bananas Award - 2019'

Artwork: "Just Playing"



A competent, hard working artist who primarily works with oil paint and mixed media. Able to come up with a range of original ideas and theories. Has also worked with clay, textiles and lens sculpture. Works well both independently or in a group and is very open to others suggestions. Has great ambition and keen to join a company that will enable her to thrive and prosper.

Areas of expertise include: artwork, sketching, portraits, texturing, developing ideas. 

Personal Skills: focused, passionate, hardworking, efficient.

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Degree in fine art painting obtained at Ulster University Belfast, School of art.

Awarded 2:1 or Second class upper division. 

Foundation Degree

Foundation degree in Art and Design obtained at South Eastern Regional College.

Awarded: Merit

BTEC National Diploma

National Diploma in Art and Design obtained at South Eastern Regional College.

Awarded: Merit | Merit | Merit



Work experience placement teaching Art and Design - Wellington College Belfast. 

Undertaken in 2018.

Potrait Exhibition in Down Ards Centre: Portrait featured in Down Recorder newspaper - 2016.


My most recent works include oil on canvas, oil and screen print, alongside oil and mixed media.  Click below to view my portfolio showcasing my lastest artwork.